Same house, second inspection… what now?

- . But seriously, if you’re not a home inspector, there’s no more useful information here for you. There’s no more useful information after this, so you needn’t scroll down any further ;-). If you’re a local competitor of mine here in the Twin Cities, you may stop reading here ..More

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Attic Insulation Methods

- Roll out a bunch of fiberglass batts, proudly proclaim “done and done”, and stay the heck away from my kids. ..More

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4 Common Tankless Water Heater Defects and How to Spot Them

- The cold water sandwich happens when cold enters the line without being properly mixed in before it reaches the tap or shower head. Many homeowners remedy the problem with a small, accessory, electric-heated water tank that mixes cold with the hot as it’s used. . While it’s not technically a defect, it’s certainly uncomfortable ..More

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Q&A: “Should I test for radon if the home already has a radon mitigation system?”

- Insert foot in mouth. I did the radon test, and it came back at 8. Yeah. 0 pCi/L for a real estate transaction. . That’s over twice the EPA recommended action level of 4. 7 pCi/L ..More

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Can you install a high-efficiency furnace with only one pipe?

- The other pipe exhausts the combustion gases directly to the outdoors. In these systems, the furnace obtains all of its combustion air directly from the outdoors and exhausts the combustion byproducts directly to the outdoors. . A two-pipe system like this is called a direct-vent appliance. High-efficiency furnaces come with two pipes; one pipe brings combustion air directly into the furnace and mixes it with fuel. Both of these pipes are directed to the outdoors at about 95% of the furnaces that I inspect in Minnesota ..More

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