4 Wintertime Roof Issues that Inspectors Should Be Prepared to Spot

- When it’s not, it can create condensation issues in winter. For such a basic building material, insulation stumps a lot of homeowners. When it’s installed correctly, it keeps heat inside the living area where it belongs. ..More

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Why does my floor drain back up?

- The majority of those comments were from people trying to understand why water was backing up out of their floor drain. A backed up floor drain can be mystifying. I wrote a blog post explaining the basics of floor drains over eight years ago, and I’ve received more comments on that post than any other. ..More

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Q&A: “Should I test for radon if the home already has a radon mitigation system?”

- When a home already has an active radon mitigation system, is it even worth testing for radon? That’s a great question. To answer that, allow me to share a quick story. ..More

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Skylight shaft insulation

- Department of Energy:. For a nice diagram showing how to properly insulate a skylight shaft the old-school way, check out this diagram from the U. S. ..More

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Animals, skeletons, and creepy home inspection stuff, part 2

- Yuck. . This basement had creepy-crawlies caught in spider webs all over the place, and there were no lights ..More

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